It is our goal to help you reach your goals. We understand the busy and hectic schedule that college students have. How are you expected to manage school, a social life, and start your career?

Internships at 329 Dorm Decor is a great place for students to learn and gain actual experience all from home or their dorm!

We are looking for millennial with passion and drive who want to help us take our company to the next level. We aren’t looking for someone to get us coffee, we are looking for interns that are fueled by coffee and great ideas. We are looking to help you grow as a professional and enter the world as successful as possible.


  • Flexible work hours

  • Work from home

  • Unlimited time off

  • Gain valuable experience from a fellow college grad

  • Adulting advice

  • Online presence

  • Flexible deadlines

  • Gain experience in your field of interest

  • Future job references

  • Networking opportunities

  • FREE CUSTOM GRAD CAP when you graduate


  • Web Developer

  • Media Planner / Content writer

  • Social Media Marketer

  • Blogger

  • Merchandise Management

  • Operations Management

  • Crafter