If a teen can start a business you can too.

If a teen can do it so can you. Heres a little insight on how 329 became a self funded business by such a young entrepreneur.

Have you ever thought about making some side cash by utilizing that awesome and crafty mindset of yours? We aren’t going to lie, starting an Etsy shop is not the easiest thing to do in the world, but it’s worth it.

When 329 Dorm Decor started, there actually was no hesitation. I knew I wanted to make some side cash while going to college and still be able to maintain a flexible schedule. Sure there was a lot of doubts and roadblocks. But one of the keys to starting an Etsy shop, much like any other business, is to overcome roadblocks and maintain a little bit a faith ( a little bit of starting cash always helps too).

As a teen, I took my $100 paycheck I made while working at a local frozen yogurt stand and cashed it in. From there I started a Etsy account, started doing research, and brainstormed what I wanted the shop to be about. I cut coupons and bought all the materials I could afford (and that were on sale) to start making things that I liked, not necessarily what I thought people would like.

See that’s the great thing about Etsy.

Etsy is home to many crafters and artisans that aren’t just trying to make an extra buck, but are showcasing their passions through their products in their shops. The best part? People are buying it. There is something magical about buying a product that someone put their heart and soul into making rather than just buying it off the shelf.

And that’s exactly what I did. I was moving into my own dorm and didn’t really enjoy the decor that was already on the shelves. It all seemed so lifeless and machine made. Worst of all, it seemed like everyone was buying it, making the original value even less. I started painting canvases and drilling bottles to make bottle lights. Before I knew it my mom’s mini van was packed to the top and I was on my way to decorating my dorm and starting my first business.

I guess the moral of the story is… If you are thinking about starting an etsy shop…DO IT. Find what you love doing, cut some coupons, and put your heart and soul into it. We believe in you and there are others out there that do too. So saddle up and hold on tight to enjoy the crazy ride.

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Inside 329 | Where it all began

Dorm Room 329

After deciding to take my talents to attend Kent State University there was one thing I really and truly looked forward to: living on my own. I came from a big family that I love dearly however I could not wait to have my own space. This was the first time that I had the opportunity to truly define who I was and the best way I thought I could do that was by decorating my dorm.

Unlike many others who move into a dorm, I did not meet my roommate until the day I moved in. We were matched at random through the housing system on campus and I will admit it was probably one of the best decisions I had made at that time as we are still friends to this day.

I ended up living with my roommate for two years in dorm room 329. It had become our home. From learning more about each other, to mending heartbreaks, to teaching each other how to eat frozen cookie dough, all the way to keeping each other out of trouble and staying focused in school. We became a little mini family all because of an eleven by seventeen foot room with walls decorated from floor to ceiling.

It wasn’t much but to us it was perfect. Sure we wish we had air conditioning, our own bathrooms, thicker walls, quieter neighbors, and carpeted floors; but those inconveniences led us to appreciate what we had and work harder for what we wanted. I realized while living in 329 that no matter how inconvenient a space may be whether it be a dorm room, empty first home, or a stuffy office space; it is truly what you make of the space.

329 was not only our home but became the place to be. I loved hanging out with my friends and my roommate, and they loved being there. Many of my friends were inspired by my decor. They loved how my roommate and I matched our decorations to tie our dorm together which very much represented our friendship.

As 329 Dorm Decor continues on today, it is our vision to spread the same comfort that I felt living in my dorm to others who are moving into their first home for the first time. We believe that you can feel comfort at home in any space with the help of making it your own with some decor.

It’s not how big the space, but how happy you make the home.

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