Top 10 Things Forgotten When Packing for Your Dorm

We have all been there. You get in the car and realize you forgot your shopping list or forgot something you needed on your counter at home. You turn around and rush to go get it and continue on with your day.

Unfortunately moving off to college and into a dorm can very stressful and it is easy to forget little details that can make a difference in your daily life. in your new home. But have no fear we have got you covered with the top things that are typically forgotten when moving into a dorm.

1. First Aid Kit

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It can always come in handy. From paper cuts to tripping on the side walk, it doesn’t hurt to have one handy.

2. Ice Cube Tray

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Move over ice cream and lean cuisines! There is nothing that beats a hot day then a nice cool drink. Dorm rooms that are lucky enough to have refrigerators typically have the luxury of having a freezer. We found a list of 25 Unique Ice Cube Trays that are super cute and affordable.

3. Real Silverware

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There is nothing worse then trucking back to your dorm with a giant pint of frozen yogurt after a long day of classes and only having a fork to eat it with. It only gets better when the fork snaps in half. There is something special about real silverware diving into a nice cold pint of ice cream.

4. Sponge

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One of the easiest ways to clean your dorm or your dishes is a sponge. Dab a little soap on it and you can change the entire atmosphere of your 200 foot square space. Need more of a reason? Here are 15 Creative Uses for a Sponge that may come in handy.

5. Duct Tape

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Although we hope your move into your dorm is not this difficult, duct tape is a great way to keep all your stuff together. Literally. From unexpected tares in your book bag to keeping the heel on your shoe, duct tape is always there for you to keep your life together.

6. Clorox Wipes

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Next to a sponge, clorox wipes are the handiest cleaning product to have on you next to a sponge on campus. Campuses are home to a ton of amazing students… and their germs.  It only takes a second to wipe down the work station you are working on or the door handle that you touch everyday that will help keep you healthy.

7. Power Strip

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If only our phones and laptops could charge themselves. Keep the juice to your electronics handy with power strips and avoid conflict with your roommate.

8. Slippers or flip flops

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Whether you are hanging around in your room or about to run down the hall to a friends, it is easier to have a pair of slippers or flip flops handy to slide on before leaving your room. Check out these comfy affordable slippers.

9. Door Stopper

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One of the easiest ways to make friends or get to know your neighbors is keeping your door open. Prop it open with a trash can or a door stopper and say hello to those who walk by.

10. Stapler & Hole Puncher

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The best feeling in the world is finishing that 8 page paper and pulling it right off the printer. The worst feeling is not being able to staple those 8 pages together.


& last but not least, do not forget your dorm decor to make your dorm feel like home.

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