For 329 Dorm Decor owner, Emily Beal, dorm room number 329 at Kent State University was her very first place she could call her own. With stark white walls, Emily was determined to transform small space into her home by creating decor. And since then she hasn’t stopped.

329 specializes in college accessories, handmade graduation gifts, home decor and more. Today, 329 has decorated dorms in over 4 countries and 40 states and continues to spread across the world. What started as an Etsy shop to gain some extra side cash has now grown to help the 329 team pay off their student loans.

Our Mission

To help college kids make their first home away from home enjoyable with
one piece of decor at a time. It is our goal to help motivate and inspire college students throughout their educational career and transfer into their professional lives with ease. Our biggest goal is to decorate at least one dorm in every state, and soon – every campus!

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